Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Wrap

Time to wrap up the holiday season! No time left in the year for multiple posts chronicling every detail, so here's 1 big summary. It's been crazy busy but super fun. We were thrilled to spend Christmas eve and morning in our own home. Santa's visit was the 1st thing on Joseph's mind the second he woke up (outside of getting his hands on my Flip video camera).

Joseph loved all his presents as well as digging through his stocking, in which Santa put a rolling pin to use with his new green Play-Doh, tons of character bandaids (since he has to put on at least 2 or 3 after his bath every night), and a new Cars shirt which had to be worn immediately.

You may notice Joseph eating the cookies Santa wasn't able to finish.
He loved the fireman boots and umbrella that were among the gifts from Daddy & Papa.

The parking garage and racetrack were also a hit, but it seems by far the favorite gift of the year so far was a huge set of dinosaurs from Uncle Mike and cousins Michael & Sami.

Brent & I then had to cram in time for some actual work - we were both on call for the holiday weekend, hence the reason we got to be home for the holidays. We ended with a lovely evening at Missy & Matt's, having been invited to join their family Christmas dinner. They served a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings, ending with a show-stopping traditional English pudding set ablaze. Using our stockings for place cards was a clever, stylish touch, but Joseph most enjoyed the train around the tree that Santa had left for Jack & Will.

Mimi arrived on the 26th to spend the week with us. She hands-down wins the grandparent of the year award, having spent the better part of 18ish hours in transit here. The recent east coast snowstorms caused so many cancelled, delayed, and rerouted flights that only a grandmother's love and desire to see her grandson could withstand. Her luggage arrived 2 days later to much fanfare.

Mimi & Poppy gave Joe Joe a bounce house which he was ready to jump right into, but the 30 degree weather here has delayed his gratification.

Grammy & Grandpa also had to defer their trip due to the snow and unexpectedly decided to drive down just for the night on the 28th, bringing more presents than would have fit in Santa's sleigh.

It wasn't until last night that we finally got to open presents from Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, Leyton & Ashton. We are all now fascinated with Hex Bugs, but Joseph has amazingly been able to divide his attention equally among all of his new toys and games.

You know, Santa never did come through with the orange car Joseph asked for (how random was that request anyway?), but I doubt he'll miss it or remember he even asked for one.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

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