Thursday, December 23, 2010

Carlo's Bakery

(You know, like the one in Cake Boss!)

Many years ago when Brent became the lead pediatrician and I was well into baking we came up with the idea of making boxes filled with cookies and treats to give to each of his staff members at their annual holiday party. They were an instant hit and the tradition has continued ever since. This year was an organizational challenge for me since B's party was only 2 days after Joseph's preschool party, but I love a challenge and somehow managed to make it work.

I mix it up every year and try to balance out the flavors. The number 1 baking request I've ever had? These chewy ginger molasses cookies. I made about 11 dozen this year. They're all gone, and I never had one.

Given the course of the past year it was inevitable that cake balls had to make it on the short list of options. I make them for everyone and every occasion! But I threw in a twist and made cake pops instead (and stole some of them for Joseph's preschool buddies).

Other new additions included:
"Ciambelle," or lemon wreaths,

peanut butter surprise cookies with a miniature peanut butter cup in the middle,

almond cutout cookies (which would have been even more delicious with icing, but I had to face facts that I am actually only human),

Mexican hot chocolate cookies (rolled in cinnamon sugar with a dash of cayenne pepper - I heard they were yummy, but I never tried one),

and pumpkin bread (recipe compliments of Missy, but I baked it into individual loaves instead of slicing up 1 big loaf - it's all about presentation, isn't it?).

The contents of one box laid out:

Multiplied by 12 (thank goodness he has a small office!! I think the most we've ever done is 16 boxes).

All wrapped and ready to go, with a sticker from Dr. T.

I take no credit.
But they all know it's me.

And wouldn't you know with all this baking, I forgot to save anything and had to buy cookies to leave out for Santa tomorrow night. Ho! Ho! D'oh!

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