Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worth every penny!

Joseph was riding his tricycle up and down the sidewalk yesterday and suddenly stopped and said, "There's my name!" I looked down and saw that some kids had been drawing with chalk but had to tell him, "Sorry, hon, you're name isn't Angela." He insisted it was his name, got off his trike, and pointed to a letter, saying "See, that's me!" And then I realized that this particular girl spells her name A-N-J-E-L-A, and he was pointing at the "J." Cool, he's starting to recognize letters. He couldn't do that when school started.

Then he did this:

I'm liking this preschool, a lot!


*Cyn, en alegría said...

Oh My God!
Thanks for sharing your experiences, dearest alton boys, came here by sincrony! still do not know how!
Blessings from Argentina
* Cyn

mimi said...

JoeJoe is just brilliant...of course pre-school always helps...luv and hugs