Sunday, November 28, 2010

What exit?

As I mentioned, we drove to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. (Hey, does anyone not from the mid-Atlantic states to get that title?). Joseph had been so excited to see Grammy & Grandpa!

It's the 1st time in about 10 years we decided to brave the insane traffic along 95N to head home for the holiday, and the 1st time in more than 3 years we were all together for a meal. Thankful that we managed to get along for a little while and that there was actually way less traffic than we imagined. And thanks to Brent for taking this pic - would much rather you'd been in it.

Joseph had no interest in the actual feast which happened immediately following his nap, but he was happy to read Thomas books all by himself while we dined.

Then someone mentioned dessert, and he rallied. While I was reaching to get him a fork, he just picked up his whole slice of pumpkin pie and rammed it in his mouth!

Mom wanted to take care of the whole meal, but I couldn't skip a year making Brent's favorite, the caramel pecan tart.

Always glad to pour my heart & soul into making something for someone who I know is always thankful for me, no matter what. The feeling's mutual, hon.

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Hollie Reese said...

That boy knows when it is time to eat!!! I would go straight for dessert too.