Monday, November 1, 2010

A Seussical Halloween

I just might have forgotten to mention that I loved Joseph's costume so much that I made a simpler version for myself to wear to work out of some leftover fleece and a black sweatshirt. He never did wear the hood for very long, but it looks cute in the picture above. And how c.u.t.e. are those tails?!

It was so great to have Mimi and Gran Gran in town for the holiday. He (well, we) loves them so much and wanted to spend every minute with them.

Since JT and I were cats, I decided our pumpkins should be carved with cats too. I'm so happy with how they turned out. It's always dicey.

Ready for more c.u.t.e? Another cat - Benjamin as a lion - and his enthusiastic parents in the Halloween spirit!

Trick-or-treating action shots:

And while we were out having fun, sweet Gran Gran manned the fort at home and handed out our candy.

She sat there in our doorway reading while waiting for the kids to come. Talk about cute!


AUNTIE A said...

How adorable! You've got so much talent - at least someone in the family inherited the talent of sewing!

mimi said...

We had so much fun sharing Halloween with the Alton Boys...such nice neighbors and a beautiful area to Trick or Treat...our little cat in the hat was precious ...and the big one too...I also got to see Brent in his LSU visit ...thanks guys for a wonderful trip....