Tuesday, November 9, 2010

J Dub & Sy Sy

Although we cherish our Thursday play dates with Jack, we still miss our old Thursday morning music class. We made some great friends there and just don't get to see them often enough anymore. So when potentially faced with nothing to do Saturday morning while Brent had to work, we were thrilled when one of the old group suggested we get our boys together.

We met up with Julie, Jon William and his little brother Simon at a local park and had the most lovely morning. The boys were instant friends again and couldn't have cared less that it was pretty chilly. We stayed in the sun and kept them moving. Part of the fun was playing with all the dogs that were around.

But I don't care how much fun JT had, we're not getting a dog. Picking up that nasty dog saliva-coated ball a million times? No way, Jose.


Anonymous said...

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The Houston's said...

Maybe you should opt for a ferret instead. They don't drool! Hahahaha!