Friday, November 12, 2010

I believe in miracles!

Just after Halloween we sat down to another family dinner, and yet again Joseph took one look at the peas he was offered and said he wouldn't try them because "they're nasty."

Now, Joseph's always been a great eater, but veggies have never been his strong point. He loves his sweet potatoes and squash, but everything else has to be slightly disguised (think spinach ravioli, vegetable lasagna, stuffed pepper, eggplant parmesan....mmmm, eggplant parm).

So that very night I told him that he never had to eat another vegetable, but he would also never get another piece of his Halloween candy until he did. And I went so far as to say he could eat a bite of an Almond Joy for every forkful of peas that made it down his throat.

And it worked.
Peas...coconut & chocolate...peas....coconut & get the idea.

Since then he's been eating bowlfuls of peas, carrots, and O.M.G....even green beans. This child has not touched a green bean in about 2 years. I'm buying broccoli tomorrow.

The beauty is that now he actually just eats the veggies and doesn't expect a treat every time. But c'mon, the green beans earned him a lollipop for sure.


Hollie Reese said...

Maybe I can get Justin to eat his vegetables that way!!

mimi said...

Carl...can't believe it took you 3 years to figure this out...your you carl...

Jocie Z ROCK said...

love your writing!!! ahaha so funny, yes Z will also shove last bites of veggies down to plow through to a chocolate! it is a sad sad state of affairs isnt it! but i just boought a vita mix thingie to blend veggies into smoothies and what not;; maybe we can share it! those kids wont know what hit them we can disguise kail in icecream LOL