Saturday, November 6, 2010

Greased Lightening

Everyone I know with a boy over 2 (fine, okay, some girls too) has been sucked into the cult of Disney/PIXAR's "Cars." We have at least 7 different versions of the main character in our living room as well as most of the supporting cast. We frequently (um, daily? sometimes hourly) hear Joseph booming "I am Lightening McQueen, THE FAMOUS RACE CAR!!!" as well as his catchphrase, "I. Am. SPEED!.....KA-CHOW!!!"

Jack, a relative latecomer to the phenomenon, who at times surpasses Joseph's interest and enthusiasm in all things McQueen, was fortunate enough to actually be Lightening himself for Halloween. We never got to see the costume firsthand until our play date this week.

Yes, we know all the other cars by name, from The King to Chick Hicks, Mater, Sally, Doc, and Ramone to name a few. Not that they matter. Did you hear Missy say another Lightening McQueen quote? "I eat losers for breakfast." Love that one!

The boys actually did share the costume amazingly well, each taking a few laps around the basement and willingly swapping. No losers here!

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