Monday, November 1, 2010

Aunt Angie

We in DC are blessed this week with a visit from Angie, who has been sorely and surely missed since she moved back to Louisiana. The lot of us with kids got together and had a brunch on Sunday morning. The kids had a Halloween themed scavenger hunt in the yard while most of the adults got to catch up.

Pretty easy to spot Joseph. I thought the kids were going to wear costumes...

This party was the real reason I started to bake those cookies, but then I had to go and make another whole batch for the preschool.

But you know I can't just make one thing, that's too uncomplicated for me. So I also tried out a recipe for caramel apple cupcakes. Yes: caramel and apples and cake - how could this be bad?

All I can say is "long live Rachel Ray!" As if they don't look yumm-o enough, these things are delish!

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mimi said...

Not only are these goodies pretty.....everything was sooooooo good...I always luck out and get to crash all of the parties when I am in was so good to see all of you guys....the children were all precious...and Angie it was so much fun to see you...thanks for the great welcome feeling...