Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sing it with me:



in French, chat,


In Spanish, el gato

in a sombrero.

I present to you, The Cat in the Hat:

And his trick-or-treat bag:

This year's labor of love! Always a tough call to make in choosing a costume, but Joseph was SO excited as he saw it coming along and hugged me the second he put it on. Didn't start it until we got back from California, so I worked like crazy to get it done in a little over a week just in time for "Boo at the Zoo" last Sunday night. It was warm that night so we left the hood down, but it still works. The costume was a pretty bit hit too, with every few minutes someone yelling out, "Look! The Cat in the Hat!" And Joseph would look, not realizing they were pointing at him!

Three more Halloween parties to hit this weekend, so there'll be lots more pics to come, I'm sure.

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