Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Muir

You can't really go to the West Coast without dipping your toes into the Pacific Ocean at least once, can you? Having spent one of our earlier days at Muir woods, we spent our last day at Muir Beach, a small, rocky patch of shoreline that our friends recommended.

Ah, those friends! Did I mention that they are our best friends in the whole world? I could have done without another trip to San Francisco had it not been to see them and their wonderful, gorgeous family. Lance and Rodney, who chauffeured us around, cooked for us, planned for us, entertained us, and doted on our boy like he was one of their own.

Rodney and Lance




and Adam.

Dear, sweet Adam, who within minutes of getting to the beach got knocked down by Carl (the dog, not me) and hurt his arm, necessitating a trip to Urgent Care and a splint. Not a happy camper, but what a trooper.

Some parting shots:

And that, very sadly, brings us to the end of our fantastic trip. Sad to leave such a beautiful place, sad to leave such good friends behind. But happily they'll be heading east this summer to vacation with us on Cape Cod!

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