Friday, October 22, 2010

A Great Discovery

We're always on the lookout for a fun kids' museum for Joe Joe no matter where we go, and in Marin we didn't need to look very far. The Bay Area Discovery Museum was right there in the same complex as our hotel, so we walked right on over. There's tons of hands on exhibits filling more former military buildings - like a huge train setup, mini wharf with fishing boat, and a whole room full of water tables.

Most impressive was the outdoor "Lookout Cove" area, a 2&1/2 acre "bay-in-miniature." There were sea caves, an authentic fishing boat to climb on, a giant shipwreck, and even a scaled down version of the Golden Gate bridge under construction (while the real one loomed in the distance). Kinda hard to appreciate all that in one little picture!

Throughout the area was the Lookout Trail featuring fun and kid-friendly art. Loved the willow sculpture! Everything was just so natural.

And everywhere you went on the trail, you think "Wow, this is a great view of the bridge!"

Until really, you finally get tired of taking pictures of a bridge.

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