Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gentlemen, start your engines!

We interrupt the all-California-all-the-time broadcast to bring you news of our friend Ethan's fantastic 4th birthday party.

Such amazing details, like the cake (nope, I didn't make it....but I could!), favor bags, race car banner on the fireplace, checkered pennants everywhere....

....and a cool matchbox car race track that his grandfather built especially for the occasion.

It's always a good party when there's a bounce house, even if your kid is being trampled. Joseph is actually in there - 1 of his little hands is sticking up in the middle, but the rest of him is buried alive.

All of the original Alton Boyz reunited, along with Austin's little brother Cameron, but none of them were interested in capturing the moment.

Well, at least Joseph is sitting there smiling like a little angel waiting for me to take his picture.

How's this for a detail:

Thank you "4" coming. Too clever! I may have to steal that for next year when Joe Joe turns 4.

You know I'm planning it already, right?

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