Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rocket Man

I cut out recipes left and right, especially from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. Most of them I actually do get around to trying. Since we're back to 90+ degree days here, it was time to finally try this ice pop recipe, which I've had since the 4th of July (hence the name "firecracker pops," plus they're red, white and blue).

I know people think I have every cooking implement on the face of the earth, but I actually don't own ice pop molds. The best ones I could find were shaped like rockets.

We had a fun time making these together after school yesterday. All you have to do is puree fruit with a spoonful of sugar. Joseph is a pro with this handheld processor - we use it to make fruit and yogurt shakes for breakfast all the time.

Then you just layer the different flavors - strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla yogurt, and use a skewer to mix them up a little.

He literally could not wait to get his hands on these things, but they have to freeze or they won't be ice pops! I never knew yogurt could freeze like that.

Joe Joe's had a cold and his appetite has been completely off for 2 days, but he finally ate a real meal tonight, so he got to have an ice pop treat. The rocket pop blasted off.....

...and landed safely in his tummy. Mission accomplished!

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