Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pardon the intrusion

What parent out there doesn't have a thousand fears when it comes to the health and well being of their child? Leukemia? Check. Kidnapping? Check. Concussion? Ditto.

But then there are those less rational fears that some people have. I've always been worried that Joe Joe would knock out a tooth. Why? No clue. But virtually every day I watch him fall and think, "Man, that was a close one. Coulda lost a tooth on that one." Can you blame me? Look at that cheesy grin!

You know where this is headed, right?

A few days ago we were at the park and he went down again, as he does multiple times a day. Nothing even close to remarkable - no fall off the monkey bars, no collision with another kid, wasn't even running. Just went to climb up two sad little steps, but missed the first one and came down hard. It didn't even look like he hit his head, but when he came up crying and bleeding from the mouth, my 1st thought was "I've been waiting for this to happen for 3 years." I've spared you all the gory pictures.

Technically he didn't lose a tooth. Not even chipped. Hurray! What he has is a "dental intrusion," where the tooth got jammed back up into the gums. I know that sounds awful, but he stopped crying within minutes, and as we were leaving to get some ice he even asked if we were going to come back to the park. Never even needed a dose of Tylenol. He was again a champ at the dentist the next day. Turns out the tooth will just work it's way back down again over the next few months. I guess it knows where it wants to be. It might turn grey from bruising, but otherwise he'll be just fine.

And then he'll have the chance to knock it out all over again.


Hollie Reese said...

Ok, you put concussion in the same list as kidnapping and might be freaking me out a little!!

Poor guy! But way to go on the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of you all.
Cute little guy...he's a trooper!