Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

We were so excited to have the Estabrook clan over for a good old fashioned barbeque on Labor Day! Joseph just adores his Uncle Matt, not to mention his Godmother Missy and best buddies Jack and Will.

The weather had been so cooperative all weekend and it was perfect for dining al fresco, something we'd do more often if it weren't for the psycho aggressive tiger mosquitos we have here. There's something too cute about having a highchair out on the deck :)

Will loved the new ice cream flavor I whipped up in honor of their visit. It was Ben's Chocolate, of Ben & Jerry's fame - anyone with an ice cream maker needs the Ben & Jerry's cookbook. Then I mixed in chunks of one of my favorite cookies from childhood, Keebler Deluxe Grahams, which are yummy chocolate fudge covered graham crackers.

Jack preferred to have a rocket pop. Such fun when a dessert can blast off!

And poor Joseph got nothing, since he wouldn't listen to Papa all night long and he lost his privilege. It's OK, he's had some ice cream every night since. Remarkable, the power of chocolate.

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