Friday, September 17, 2010

Joseph in Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland, that is. Also known as "A Kingdom for Kids!"

We'd heard of this place from so many people and kept meaning to look into it, and then we just happened to drive right past it when we were on our way to see Thomas back in June. We decided it was worth a trip back to Lancaster, PA to check it out next time Thomas was in town, and that's just what we did last weekend.

They really have the kingdom theme down pat with the castle entrance and prince/princess/dragon motifs everywhere. So much to see...where to start?

Inside it's really just a giant amusement park for toddlers. Theres even a water park area, but we skipped it since we only had 1 day. Joe Joe rode just about every kind of vehicle there is - rocket ship, jalopy, train, bulldozer, boat, skylift, and even more!

There were lots of good old fashioned carnival rides. Make sure you check out the crazy person in the back of the Crazy Plane! Can't believe Joseph went on some of these things. He said they make his tummy "tickle." We kept asking if he was scared, and he kept saying, "No, BRAVE!"

Then there was completely random stuff. Anyone want to stop and milk a pretend cow in the middle of the day? And hey, how about a pony ride?! Well, whatever it takes, as long as you have a "Dutch Wonderful day."

Of course there's always a photo op with a character. This was Duke the Dragon. Joseph has seen so many of these things this summer that now he knows to just go over and give them a hug and smile for the camera.

They claimed to have some "shows," including Thomas & friends LIVE!

Definitely a low point of the day - just 2 "Gleeks" singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" in front of a plastic train. But we were going to see the real deal the next morning.

All-in-all a really wonderful place! Might have to go back next year to try out the water park...and the rollercoasters!

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Laurie from Amish Country said...

Stumbled across your blog hitting the next blog button and come to find you were visiting in my neck of the woods....looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.
Great pics!
We were just at Dutch Wonderland last month for my honey's company picnic.