Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Falls

A week or 2 ago we pretended to have a picnic in our living room with all of JT's play food. He had such fun and wants to do it all the time now. So when thinking about what to do for the Labor Day holiday, we decided to go on a real picnic. And I knew just the place: Great Falls Park in Virginia. I've only been once before, and going back has been on my to-do list for almost 15 years now.

It didn't disappoint! The main part of the park is in an area where the Potomac River picks up speed and cascades over steep, jagged rocks and flows into Mather Gorge (named for the 1st National Park Service director, I'm told). I never realized it was just a few miles down the road from Clemyjontri park.

Compare above with below. Beautiful, but dangerous.

It was beautiful weather to just be running around outside all morning.

Joseph's 1st attempt at rock climbing. Not a sport I want to encourage.

There are miles of paths to hike and explore (and navigate keeping a 3 year old out of poison ivy), with many breathtaking views. Some crazy people are even down there kayaking.

And of course there are huge expanses of picnic areas, which was one of the main reasons we went. They even have grills to use if you're that motivated. We just stopped at Whole Foods on the way.

Hope y'all are having a fun holiday weekend!

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mimi said...

How beautiful is that?...a new place to go next time I visit...can't wait and hugs MiMi