Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Where the air is sweet"

We tackled all the "wet attractions" on our 2nd day at Sesame Place, but had to spend at least a few minutes at the replica of the Sesame Street set. Fun to see that iconic brownstone with the big inviting front porch at 123 Sesame Street, home to Bert & Ernie, Oscar's trash can, and Big Bird's nest.

They had a nice lazy river ride,

but Joseph could have spent the entire day at Ernie's Waterworks. Water pouring and spraying everywhere, and he just ran around and around.

I love the last one where it looks like he's surfing! But I actually just caught him when he was about to run. Ernie also had a giant "Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave" pool, and Joseph and I went down one of the bigger water slides together. Good photography, Mom!

But the real highlight of the day, and indeed the entire trip, was starting out Day 2 by having breakfast with the characters. Unfortunately I missed the chance to get tickets for Elmo and friends, so we "settled" for Cookie Monster and the gang. The funny thing is that Joseph really very rarely watches Sesame Street, but he was SO into these muppets. We turned the corner and walked right into Cookie, and Joe Joe was smitten immediately.

It's actually fairly small scale, so all the characters really have time to work the room. Bert was the 1st to dine with us, and he was pretty funny.

But Cookie Monster came over later, and he was the best. He gave the biggest hug, and Joseph just disappeared in there, enveloped in blue fuzz!

Then we stalked Big Bird (not too hard, he's pretty easy to spot), and finally got to spend time with him even though he blew us off at the parade the day before.

Grammy had no idea who Abby Cadabby was, but she was still a good sport.

Surest way to get a picture with yourself in it: find someone carrying a nice camera like yours, then offer to take a family picture for them. No doubt they'll return the favor.

It would have been nice to see Elmo, Zoe, The Count, Oscar, and Grover, but you can't have it all. Elmo may have lost a fan, since

We love Cookie Monster!


The Houston's said...

What a fun place!! We wanna go!!!

Hollie Reese said...

Can I move there??? This 105 heat is killing us!

mimi said...

Looks like a dream come true for a three year old ...also for Grandparents who got to share the experience...too cute..love and hugs MiMi