Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slip 'n Slide

Oh, summer is drawing to an end, and the water parks will be closing soon. Even though we've been having record breaking heat here and they could keep taking my money for weeks. But I guess all the teenyboppers are heading back to high school so there will be no one left to blow whistles incessantly or flip burgers at the snack bar after Labor Day.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to squeeze in what just might be our last run to the Water Mine til next year.

Each time we hit a water park, it seems like Joseph gets braver and braver at trying the bigger slides. The biggest one left at this particular park was "Pete's Peak," and he was up for it. And not just Little Pete. We're talking BIG Pete!

I think it's obvious he likes it! Every single time he would say "Let's do it again!" even after the runs where he got dunked.

Many times he wanted to go down "alone" on the slide next to us, holding hands.

In case you can't hear, I said "That didn't really go as planned."

And "We can't seem to get that right."
Oh, there's always next summer.

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mimi said...

Looks like so much fun..JoeJoe is getting so brave...miss you guys..luv and hugs MiMi