Monday, August 30, 2010

School Rules!

We were all excited for the 1st day of preschool today. I personally knew Joseph was ready and would love it, so I faced the day with excitement rather than worry. All we needed to bring was 1 change of clothes. I think we need a smaller backpack!

Joseph literally walked in and started playing right away. He had some morning tea with one of his teachers, Miss Kasia.

Ethan seemed a little more hesitant, but I think Joseph helped him feel more comfortable.

Then Joseph started playing trains with another kid, and he completely ignored us. So we said bye-bye and left.

When our nanny and I went back 3 hours later to get him he was outside playing with Miss Pina and the class. I could hear that laugh of his before I could see him. The teachers said he had a great day, and not a single kid in the class had cried at all. He was a sweaty, stinky, snotty, drooly, dirty mess. With a big smile on his face. Success!

Esther asked him if he had missed us today. He said "No." We said it was time to go home, and he said "I don't wanna go home." On the way home, I asked if he wanted to have some lunch, and he said "I wanna go back to school." I guess school rules!


mimi said...

I thought about JoeJoe all day, just knowing he would love school.....thanks for posting so soon....of course I thought about Papa and Daddy too....big day all around..too cute...luv and hugs MiMi

Hollie Reese said...

I am glad he loved it!