Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sinking Ship

I loved these invitations the second I saw them on! I thought the pirate ship was such a cool graphic.

So cool, in fact, that I decided to make it into a party prop out of a refrigerator box that I recently acquired (more on that later). Not bad for freehand, right? I thought the kids would go nuts being able to play on a "real" ship. Well, not so much. Joseph was scared of it because he saw a little cricket on it and thought it was a bee. Caroline (the red head at the bow) was the only one who truly loved it, and used it as her own private stage.

Even pirates need to check their Blackberry.

After all that work I had to drag Joe Joe on board. That ring pop made him forget about the bugs (which is weird, by the way, because he loves bugs).

During set up I completely ran out of time, so I had never gotten to reinforce the side with tape or attach the back to the fence with anything more than a thumbtack. I tried to be casual about it, but you can tell I'm holding the side together with my hand and using my head to keep the back up.

Eventually it was pointless to keep up the charade, so I let the ship sink. Better than going up in flames, I guess.

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Honey said...

Carl...You amaze me with all of your talent and creativity. Happy belated birthday to Joseph. He is so adorable. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time.