Monday, July 5, 2010

A Safe & Happy 4th

As far as safe goes, this was not my idea:

As far as happy goes, we were especially in luck. My dear friend Chris was visiting from LA and stayed with us for the weekend. Since our Boston days he's always been known as "Buzzy" to me, so Joseph got to hang with Uncle Buzzy. Joe Joe was on him like white on rice!

He imitated everything he did and wanted to play with him constantly.

Yes, we were aptly dressed in red, white, and blue for brunch on the Potomac River in Georgetown. That's how we roll.

We were more than happy to have been invited to spend the 4th with another dear friend. David is the general manager of the Embassy Suites in downtown DC, so we partied in the Presidential Suite with all of our friends and then had exclusive access to the rooftop to watch the fireworks.

We are talking bomb diggity here! Uh huh, that's the Capitol building in the background, and a phenomenal view of the bombs bursting in air by the Washington Monument.

I was having fun with the "no flash" setting on my camera with pretty good results.....

...except that glow sticks really don't give off that much light, even when a toddler is hoarding them.

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mimi said...

Happy fourth of July...I would have to say the Alton Boys had the most spectactular celebration....lucky to be in is the place to and hugs MiMi