Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its all in the details

I promise, this will be the LAST post having anything to do with Joseph's birthday, now that his birthmonth is ending today. But this is my favorite stuff, so no less important to post!

So how did we end up with that cake?

I remembered seeing a cake decorating book years ago that had a pirate ship in it. So I scoured every bookstore I was ever near until I found the one that I remembered......except it was a cake of a sunken ship, so I had to improvise just a little. It actually starts out as a simple 10" square cake. Went with a marble cake from Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes book.

The you carve it up, glue it together with frosting, coat it with more frosting, and then cover it with strips of fondant to look like wood planks.

Then I made a treasure chest and a little pirate boy out of fondant. It was so easy to type that, but the drama it took to create those 2 little things! I had to remake the arms 5 times (always too freakishly long), went through at least 10 sets of hands, gave up on feet and went with shoes....OY! But I do love him, even though he has no neck. I also love the sparkle dust on the coins in the treasure chest, and the ocean waves of blue buttercream.

There was another whole sheet cake underneath the boat for the ocean. No way that little boat was serving 40 people! I am always furiously trying to finish his cake the night before Joseph's birthday party, but you can tell we were still able to have some fun.

And here's what always makes it all worth it:

Some other details you may not have seen in previous pics:

A parrot hanging from the chandelier over the buffet, which was set up using silver and pewter platters from many good friends and neighbors. The (tarnished) silver serving pieces we already had reminded me of some pirate booty. The various mini sandwiches had jolly rogers and cocktail swords in them to hold them together.

I had plans to make 5 different types of cookies, but I always plan big and scale back when reality sets in. There was just not enough time for the intricate icing on pirate ship and treasure chest cookies. I have a whole set of number cookie cutters, so I used the 3 and turned it into a treasure map. But what kind of pirate party would it have been without skull and cross bone cookies? Unfortunately they look a little like ghosts.

The treasure chest favor boxes (from Oriental Trading) were the best I saw. And we personalized them with some stickers that say "pirate treasure, from Joseph." There were bubble gum coins from the pinata, plus tattoos, rubber ducks and finger puppets, eyepatches and telescopes, and lots of bead necklaces.

Boy, was there some serious loot! What a lucky little guy! Reminds me, I need to get those thank you cards out....
His absolute favorite was the Mack truck from the Cars movie, that holds all the cars inside, just like his cousin Leyton has.

And this is too funny - a picture documenting me documenting everything in sight! What kind of lunatic takes pictures of sandwiches?! And then blogs about it?! For 2 weeks?!

To wrap this up, here's the last few lines from one of Joseph's pirate books:

"I spend my life a-plundering.
My treasures bring me joy.
But there's nothing I prize more than you,
my dearest pirate boy."

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mimi said...

All I can say is," Carl..oops you did again." you have a year to think about how you can top this years party..everything was delicious but I'm thinking maybe not so nutriciousafter seeing the masterpiece being made..buttercreme..sugar.... sugar and more sugar...can't wait to do it all over and hugs MiMi