Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brave New World

I'm completely overwhelmed with sorting through birthday pictures, so let's take a diversion and check out our recent visit to our new favorite swimming hole, The Water Mine. We let Glenn and Suthern have the day to themselves while we brought Leyton & Ashton with us. We had Mimi and Poppy to help too, so it was 4 adults on 3 kids, pretty good odds.

Joseph shocked us all with his bravery in tackling some of the bigger slides all on his own. He's hit or miss when it comes to any slides, water or otherwise. But once I convinced him to go with me on one run, it was all "I do it myself" from then on. And he would - climb up the stairs, through the waterfall, wait his turn, get in position, and launch, then come up smiling and say "Let's do it again!"

We actually spent most of the day circling the lazy river. The kids loved it! Leyton however, found out that it wasn't quite so lazy after all, and managed to get swept away from Mimi. He was brave too in getting to safety and keeping an eagle eye out for one of us. When he spotted me, he ran over and ratted her out, saying "Mimi lost me!" which he also had no problem reporting to his mom the second she got home.

We forced the kids to take a quick break for lunch. I just thought it was so cute when Joseph and Ashton ran off to see their little wet footprints criss-crossing ahead of us.

In addition to taking lots of great pictures and videos, Poppy manned our home base. The kids all ate their entire lunches when promised a special treat. I had packed ice pops in the cooler. They even helped keep the food chilled!

While we were staying cool in the water, Suthern & Glenn braved the heat to see some sights, but we all had great days in our own ways!

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mimi said...

The water park was so much fun...the boys just loved it...I think Leyton lost MiMi..that's my story and I am sticking to and hugs MiMi