Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 10 things to do at the beach

10. Go fly a kite. You can barely see him, but Joseph was so excited running up and down the beach trying to keep the kite flying, even though he wasn't the one holding the string most of the time.

9. Boogie board. Joseph was kinda scared of the waves this trip, so he rode through this small pool left when high tide receded. Leyton, on the other hand, was a pro. That boy was in the water 8 hours a day.

8. Fit in a good workout. I myself went running a few times. Joe Joe insisted on dragging that wagon around everywhere, just like he does with his own at home (but that one's usually empty!).

And then there was paddle ball. And the quest for domination! Brent got slammed by Glenn. I held my own against Olga, the tennis pro. But in the end Brent was victorious!

7. Take a dip to cool off. We did eventually get Joseph into the ocean on a calm day toward the end of the week. Briefly. But we all loved the pool.

6. Blow bubbles! That's fun for kids no matter where you go.

5. Hit the local outlets and mall. Joseph always scores big when we hit the Polo outlet. But the Destin Commons mall was super kid friendly. Soft play area, train rides, and "pop" fountains.

4. Always break for snacks, and indulge in treats.

3. Take a ride in Poppy's "banana truck." I've done it so many times, I can snap that car seat in and out of any vehicle in 2 minutes flat.

2. Take lots and lots of pictures. Hope that you get a few good ones.

1. And of course, work on your tan!

Nice Ash!


The Houston's said...

Ha ha ha!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun...we just gotta good many great and hugs MiMi

Suthern, Glenn, Leyton & Ashton Thibodeaux said...
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Suthern, Glenn, Leyton & Ashton Thibodeaux said...

Was that Bernie in the second to last pic from the movie "Weekend at Bernie's"? Great pics.....guess I don't need to post any since you have the whole trip covered! Thanks :)