Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm sure that word brings to mind a character from "Happy Days" to most people, but in DC it's an acronym for "Friends Of the National Zoo." Joseph and I were looking for something exciting to due on our own on Tuesday since Jack is in preschool camp for the month, so we spent the day at the Zoo and decided to become Friends. In addition to free parking and some other perks, you get a giant panda cuddle toy for signing up. I think that's intentionally misleading - it's not a giant cuddle toy, it's a cuddle toy of a giant panda. Big difference:

It was a banner day for animal entertainment - the big cats were all out, the elephants were in the yard, the entire monkey clan was playing outside, even the little baby.

A favorite stop is always the invertebrate house - basically a small aquarium. The giant octopus put on a great show during feeding time! This time Joseph took note of the "crayfish." I think we honorary Louisianians prefer "crawfish."

Undoubtedly the funnest part was visiting the small mammal house. Those meerkats know how to entertain a crowd!

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