Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day with Thomas

No, we haven't changed Joseph's name. We all spent yesterday visiting the railroad station in Strasburg, PA for a meet and greet with everyone's favorite little blue steam engine.

If you're not in the know (or don't have a 3 year old boy), "Day Out With Thomas" is a traveling "celebration tour" (who wrote that??) where the kids get to see and ride on a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine. We've been talking this up for weeks, and oh boy... Joseph. Was. EXCITED!

We drove up the day before, and every 2 seconds was like "I'm gonna see Thomas?" We did encourage it, though. Thomas clothes. Thomas movies. Thomas books before bed. It's amazing he could sleep.

We got there pretty early and were lucky to run into Sir Topham Hatt when there wasn't much of a crowd. It's kinda like sitting on Santa's lap - always sounds like a dream come true but never sure if your kid is going to just FREAK OUT. Joesph was hesitant at 1st sight, but he gave a little handshake...

even leaned in for a hug...

and was happy as a clam! Maybe we will get a decent pic with Santa this year!

we got to watch Thomas pull in and out of the station a few times..

and then it was our turn to ride on the passenger coaches!

They do this "Day Out" thing in Baltimore, which is a lot closer for us, but we hear the scenery is a little sketchy. It Strasburg it's corn....

a little farm...

more corn....just delightful!

Of course you have to check out all the Thomas propaganda in the gift shops and come home with a T-shirt, new movie, new train for the train table at home, official picture with Thomas, a few temporary tattoos.

But all good things must come to an end, and we had to say "Bye Bye" to Thomas and head home.

Never fear - he's coming back again in the Fall!


Hollie Reese said...

I love his smile! How fun. I have heard that is a great thing, but never made it to one!

mimi said...

Looks like fun...joejoe must have really been excited to see Thomas...he is so cute...just love and hugs MiMi