Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Presents

Every year for Father's Day Joseph seems to be able to sneak out to the bookstore and buy a little something for each of us.

He has it pretty easy when it comes to me - there's a thousand books out there about daddies. But finding books about papas must be on the challenging side for him. I know I haven't seen too many out there..... How amazing that he found not 1 but TWO books about papas that are pirates!

I consider my real gift the trip to this place:

Zook's has got to be the be all and end all of fabric stores for quilters - but it's located in the middle of Amish country, in a town very oddly named Intercourse. I just might have found out (through the world's best travel agent, my man Brent) that the "Day Out With Thomas" event was actually right down the road about 10 miles from Zook's. A little something for Joe Joe, a little something for me! Brent knows how to take care of us!

Sooooo much to choose from, my head was about to explode! Just the variety of solids was enough to boggle the mind. But I went with a plan and was able to focus, and left with a nice little stack of fabrics, all with special purposes in mind. Who know if there's something in there for you?! May not look like much, but there's over TEN yards of fabric there, for a seriously good price.

Despite dragging me to a hundred gardens and garden shows as well as planning this trip to my fabric mecca, Brent still somehow managed to escape spending any time actually in the fabric store with me. He took Joseph to the petting zoo. Have I mentioned Joseph's obsession with "Tingalayo?" You know that song: "come little donkey, come?" There he was!

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