Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easy as pie

In anticipation of our very special dinner guest last night, Joseph and I set out to make something for dessert. Brent wanted something "summery" and suggested key lime pie. How easy is that? This time we kicked it up Emeril style from his "Potluck" cookbook. I forgot how excited Joseph is to squeeze (and lick) limes.

Pressing the graham cracker crust into the pie pan was so much fun for him. They say clean hands are a cook's best tool!

And since we had to clean the hands again after that mess, I let him try out the filling. What's not to like?

Our dinner guest was Uncle Mike (for those of you not in the know, that's my nephew Michael and niece Sami's dad), who was in town for a conference.

We don't get to see him often enough, and it was great to spend time together catching up. Joseph loved him (as well as the trucks and books he brought from Sami). This morning when I asked Joseph if he had a good time with Uncle Mike, he said "He's a nice man." Later on in the day he said "Mr. Mike's a good man" after I reminded him that Uncle Mike brought the Thomas books he was reading. Indeed, Mike is a great guy, and he helps me stay close with my fantastic nephew and niece. We hope he comes back to visit often!

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