Friday, June 4, 2010

Crab Hunting

This was a new one for me: head out to the beach as dusk, look for holes in the sand, and dig away, searching for hermit crabs. Armed with flashlights, shovels, nets, and excitement, we set off crab hunting!

Either group remind anyone of "Charlie's Angels?"

We were out there quite a while, and it got dark pretty fast!

Suthern was hard core hunting! Never did catch one....

....was it coincidence that Mimi and Poppy came home from the store one day with a hermit crab for each boy?

They had to sleep in Leyton's room that night, and the 1st thing he wanted to do in the morning was take them out and let them run.

It took a whole day before Joseph would touch one.

Which was fine, because it's not like we were gonna try to bring one back on the plane to DC . Just imagine trying to get through security with that. Leyton couldn't have been happier to keep them all!


Hollie Reese said...

Crabbing is a must! We go every year. Before we go back inside we all circle up and let the crabs go in the middle. The winner is the one who stands the longest with the crabs crawling over their feet!

Anonymous said...

Our trip to the beach was so much have all of our grandsons together for a week was the best birthday gift ever....thank all of you for making it so and hugs MiMi