Friday, June 25, 2010

Boot Camp

Joseph has seriously been ready to potty train for a long time. We just never decided when to take the plunge. But when our nanny requested some vacation time, we found ourselves faced with 6 consecutive days off with him. We knew it was now or never, so yesterday was Day 1 in big boy undies. No diapers except for sleepy time and we're not bothering with pull-ups. We're talking potty boot camp here.

Not bad yesterday: 1 initial flood in the morning, and 2 minor sprinklings early afternoon.

Today: bone dry!!
Which called for a trip to Gifford's for some chocolate marshmallow ice cream after dinner.

Tomorrow I have to work. May the force be with Papa.


mimi said...

This is the cream will always work...very clever....
Cannot wait to see all of you...miss the Alton Boys so and hugs.MiMi

Hollie Reese said...

Congrats! I'm with you...we always skipped the pullups! Good luck. I bet he will do great.