Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 3 Amigos

The absolute BEST part of our family vacation? Joseph spending time with his cousins Leyton and Ashton. He talks about them all the time, and was so excited to be with them. They spent practically every waking minute together, at the beach, in the pool, eating meals, in the tub....

They even shared a yogurt shake that I made for breakfast one morning. Well, Leyton caught on there was fruit in it, so he passed after a few swigs. And they even had some of the same clothes! Sorry Ash, not the best picture of you, but it was the best one I got.

Joseph had a touch of a love/hate relationship with Ashton, pushing or hitting a little more often than we'd like, but in the end he really loves him and Leyton!

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The Houston's said...

Those boys are soooo adorable! Really.