Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Longwood Gardens

On the drive back from NJ, we stopped off at Longwood Gardens, outside of Wilmington, DE. It's a place Brent has always wanted to visit, and JT and I are always along for the ride. It's touted as being the world's premier horticultural showplace. So I was about as excited to go as Joseph looks in this picture...

...BUT, it was actually quite a wondrous place. It helped that I had my camera this time (unlike at the Philadelphia Flower Show), and that we started off with fields of one of my favorite flowers, tulips.

There's a serene Italian water garden that was amazing.

And near that was a large lake where kids were throwing Cheerios at the ducks, but these huge catfish were snatching them up first!

The grounds were huge (over 1000 acres!) and you could get easily get lost, but luckily we had an experienced tour guide who was skilled with a map. He pointed us toward the topiary garden, then on into the conservatory.

There was so much to see and do inside the Conservatory too! This was one of my favorite plants. No idea what it is, but very neat.

There was an area inside called a Children's Garden, but it was more like a miniature water park, with fountains and water features everywhere! No kid came out of there dry.

A few more of my favorites:

I love the stark contrast between these 2 pics. Looks like one was painted or the other is black and white, but they're just 2 different places (guess which one is from the "silver garden").

And the best part of all? Joseph had a great time running around everywhere, and he was an angel in the car, cuddled up with one of his favorite blankies.

Really, you should go! It's just beautiful!

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