Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today our best buddy in the world turns THREE! His birthday party is tomorrow, but we sadly have to miss it since we're heading out of town. We made sure to order and deliver his present in advance so he would still get it today. By the looks of the picture we just got in our inbox, it seems Jack is thrilled to have a matching shopping cart like the one he uses at our house all the time.

Jack is totally into elephants and the color purple these days, so his party will center around those things. We (well, I) baked like crazy in advance so he'd also have a special treat from us at his party. Here's just a preview of those cookies I alluded to before. I can't wait to see how Missy stages the whole event!

We'll see if I can manage to blog a little from the beach. If not, see y'all back here soon enough.

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