Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dough Boy

We had some leftover sugar cookie dough after I made cookies for Jack's upcoming birthday party (they're not iced yet, so no previews!). I pulled it out of the fridge when Joseph and I had a little down time with nothing much planned a few days ago.

He must be more observant than I thought - he grabbed the rolling pin and starting rolling before I had even unwrapped the dough!

He was also a natural with the cookie cutters.

Yeah, he tried to eat the raw dough. No, I didn't let him. Yes, I ate some myself when he wasn't looking.

He had tons of fun with the different colored sanding sugars. Messy, but worth the enjoyment.

8 minutes?! Might as well be 8 hours!

Proud of his work, or just happy with a plate full of cookies in front of him?

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