Sunday, May 30, 2010

Destiny by the Sea

We rented this gorgeous house named "Casa de Fiesta" in Destin, which was in a small gated community called "Destiny by the Sea." Not quite accurate, but I guess it sounds better than "Destin on the Gulf of Mexico." There were 3 master bedroom suites, one for each family! We got the one with the balcony on the top floor.

Directly across the street from us was the private pool,

and about 3 houses to the left was the beach!

Gorgeous, white sand beaches!

With a school of sting rays patrolling the water not far from the shore. Maybe they were trying to get away from the oil spills somewhere out there in the Gulf. They never bothered anyone.

I'm sure you want to see us too, not just the scenery, right? Aaaaah, looking happy to be on vacation!

Look how tall our Joseph is getting - already half as tall as me and not even 3 years old!

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