Saturday, May 29, 2010

60 going on 16

For this milestone birthday, all Olga wanted was for all her kids and grandkids to be together to help her celebrate. So that we did, converging from Louisiana, Texas, and DC to rent a house for the week in Destin, Florida. There's so much to share from that trip, but first and foremost is Olga's special day. After a fun-filled morning at the beach and pool, we went out for a fabulous dinner at the Marlin Grill.

Later on we headed back to the house for cake. The kids and I all worked together (and did the best we could with the limited resources at the rental house) to make Mimi's favorite, strawberry shortcake. A little sad looking, but it served its purpose.

The day had started out with a sweet serenade, but Olga probably would have rather eased into her morning!

Happy 60th Olga!!

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mimi said...

Thank you to my wonderful boys and their beautiful famillies for the best birthday and hugs MiMi