Friday, April 2, 2010

To Dye For

We celebrated Easter with my parents a little early since they couldn't make it down this weekend, and it just wouldn't be Easter without some bright and colorful eggs. We were in Houston for the holiday last year, so this was the 1st time Joseph got to see eggs being dyed. He was fascinated by the whole process. Not surprising, since he loves to paint and do art projects.

Nothing too fancy this year, just some primary colors, and a few stamps after they dried. He can express his creativity next year when he can be more patient (and a little neater).

I love how he puts his little hand on Mom's and Brent's so he feels like he's doing everything himself.

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mimi said...

I know Grammy and Granpa must have had so much fun with JoeJoe...I can't wait to be there on you JOEJOE....MiMi