Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Godfather, Parts I, II, & III

We had the most wonderful and special weekend! We were lucky to have Mimi in for a visit with us and her adoring grandson, we were thrilled to be on a panel discussion at our adoption agency's annual conference titled "Raising resilient kids in gay and lesbian adoptive families," and we were beyond honored to be included in the christening of Missy and Matt's son Will. I had the supreme honor and pleasure of being asked to be Will's Godfather, a role I eagerly accepted.

Part I: Everything leading up to the Big Event.

Missy's parents were both generous and gracious in asking us to their family dinner the night before the christening at a favorite neighborhood restaurant. We gathered for cocktails beforehand and took some lovely pictures in front of Missy's favorite cherry tree in their front yard.

Joseph and Jack had a ball next to each other, sharing pizza, pasta, and more bread & butter than 2 adults could stomach (interestingly Joseph focused on the bread, while Jack preferred the butter). They even had their own place cards at the table. Top notch!

On Sunday morning Mis invited the Godparents over - as she so sweetly said so many times, "2 of her favorite people," her best friend Maria and me- so all of our boys could play together. She set up a picnic under the dogwood tree for them, and they had a field day running around the yard.

Part II: The Baptism of William Reed Estabrook

Here's the parents and Godparents along with Will, and an action shot from the ceremony.

Brent did an awesome job photographing the event since my task at hand required me to be in front of the camera for a change. Mimi did an awesome job taking care of Joseph. Who knew how he was going to handle this - the ceremony was schedule right in the middle of his nap time - but he worked it out:

Me and my Godson!

Part III: The Reception

As with Jack's christening, there was a dessert reception back at home after the ceremony. I gladly filled a personal request from the hostess for an order of cakeballs, this time chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate coating. Decadent! Jack seemed to enjoy them, as did the rest of the guests.

I also couldn't resist and surprised them with some decorated sugar cookies. W: it's not a bad letter anymore! (You might notice in the above pic that Jack snagged a "W" cookie too to work on after the cakeball.)

A more casual pic of the Godparents and Godson:

Towards the end of the afternoon we piled the boys onto the slide for a photo shoot. Unfortunately Will was napping at the time. They looked adorable even though we couldn't get all 4 of them looking in the same direction at the same time. And boy did we try - all of the adults jumping around, hooting and singing and jumping to get their attention and make them laugh.

It's a shame when such wonderful weekends have to end.
Missy, you did such a wonderful job with all the arrangements, as always! You're always the perfect hostess and perfect mom! Everyone had such a great time, and I'll be the 1st to remind your boys how much you did (and always do) for them and your family. And thanks one last time for including me in this special day. God bless William Reed!

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mimi said...

It was a beautiful Christening with such beautiful Families all getting together for such a joyous day...I feel so blessed to have been part of this wonderful day....God Bless baby Wil...love and hugs MIMI