Sunday, April 25, 2010

Empty Nest

JT hasn't been in the crib for a few months now. Once he got a taste of the big boy bed back in February, there was no going back. It just so happened that a friend of a friend was looking for a crib right when we were starting to wonder what we were going to do with ours. It had been occupying a large chunk of space in the room and serving no purpose but to hold a few pillows and stuffed animals. So we sold it to them.

He had been completely disinterested in the crib until I started disassembling it, of course. Would have made a cute toddler bed, but we never went that route.

The people picked it up this weekend, and now there's just an empty space where his empty nest used to be. Time to rearrange the room!

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mimi said...

Our little JoeJOe is growing more baby...just a big boy in a big boy and hugs MIMI