Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny was crazy generous this year, shipping presents to Joseph from all ends of the Earth. But at the end of a long weekend I just have time to post a little bit about our special morning together today. I promise I'll get to all the rest PDQ. After ravaging the basket the bunny left here today, we headed outside for a private egg hunt, where there was no competition and no pressure for time.

That swing set keeps serving more and more purposes - this time providing many hiding spots for multicolored eggs.

He had a field day! And it only got better when he realized there was candy inside the eggs. Lucky boy to have a Papa that thinks jellybeans for breakfast is a good idea.

Then we went off to the Tower Oaks Lodge for brunch with the Bunny himself. Joseph was surprised to see him....hesitant....but eventually worked up the courage to tell him "Thanks for presents!"

Hope you had a Happy Easter too!
More to come...

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mimi said...

too cute...looks like fun finding those eggs..the Easter Bunny looks like he made a hit with and hugs..MiMi