Monday, April 5, 2010

Bountiful Bunny

Here's a sampling of the loot that Joseph received from the Easter Bunny )or his delegates).

By way of the Garden State:
A HUGE basket that was so stuffed with art supplies, cookies, and candy that the BIG present didn't even fit. Major excitement from the lights and sounds lighthouse and boat that immediately found it's way to the train table. Nothing like the sound of a foghorn the second Joseph wakes up and finds his way downstairs!

A special Bunny helper named Cindy sent the most adorable bunny finger puppet book (that has been requested over and over) and some special bunny cookies. Joe Joe just gets SO EXCITED when he sees a wrapped present and can't wait to tear into it, even if it's not his.

The Bayou Bunny sent an amazing THREE separate packages! Gran told the Bunny that Joseph would enjoy a box just full of Easter candies. Mimi and Poopy hinted to him that the shelves in the local grocery store were bare....

...and the second they were stocked, the shopping frenzy began! Now he can actually use the cart for food instead of trains, cars, and balls.

And if you have a craving for anything in particular, just send Joseph out to the "store" and he's back lickety split.

Of course we have a local Bunny too, who happens to know exactly every little detail of what Joseph is into: Curious George stories, Mater and the rest of the Cars cast, Thomas and friends, Little Nutbrown Hare, and just the right books and movies.

But back to those cookies from Miss Cindy for a sec:
The ears are always the 1st to go!

If he could, he'd say "Bellissimo!"

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mimi said...

Wow! JoeJoe must have been a good little boy to get so many goodies from the Easter Bunny...I am so excited about coming to DC...on thursday...I cannot wait to see all of his new toys and Easter Goodies..but most of all I can't wait to see you JoeJoe...I love you...MIMI