Thursday, April 29, 2010

Books, bears, and blankies

One of our favorite book series is the one about Bear. We randomly got the 1st book, "Bear Snores On," as a gift when Joseph was a newborn, but it quickly became one of our favorites to read to him.

One of our more recent additions was "Bear stays up for Christmas," in which Bear gets a quilt from Santa. I took one look at it and thought "I could make that same quilt so easily. I think I even have almost identical fabrics in my stash."

And so:

By the way, it's actually a tiny quilt, just 24" x 24". It's meant for his bear stuffed animal.

I had to add a personal touch, so I made 1 giant block for the reverse side. It's called a "bear paw" block, of course.

And here's bear taking a nap with it.

Joseph, being into matching as I mentioned before, was quite excited to see it. We presented it to him right as we read that part in the story. He kept looking back and forth between the book and the quilt saying "See? Matches!!" Now he sleeps with it every night along with the rest of his lovies.

I thought the quilt would be cute for Baby Brother too. But this is just creepy. Kinda Chucky-esque!

Now I'm inspired to make a full size quilt for his bed. Never an idle moment around here!


mimi said...

Great reason to make a quilt...lucky JoeJoe...he will have a quilt for every event...I miss you and hugs Mimi

Lancelot said...

I love Joseph so much I won't mock you for that picture of the bear tucked in......