Monday, April 26, 2010

Biker Boy

My childhood trike really did turn out to be a bit too rickety for my comfort level, so we set off yesterday to get a new one. Given his stature, we figured Joseph needed to come with us to do some test driving. Here's the scene at Toys-R-Us:

And we have a winner!
Love how he narrowly avoids a crash!! His steering skills have greatly improved.

Here's the hotness - Cherry red Radio Flyer Classic, all shiny and new, assembled during his nap.

And immediately upon waking from that nap, "I ride my new bike?"


The Houston's said...

Wow-he's a good rider!!! I guess it helps that he can reach the pedals...poor Harper! :)

mimi said...

WOW is right....look at JoeJOe go....he sure did learn to pedal fast...have fun and Hugs MIMI