Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me & My Shadow

We've been at the parks a lot enjoying these warm and sunny afternoons (70 degrees today!!). While walking around, Joseph randomly catches sight of his shadow and starts wiggling his hands around and watching what happens. Then he always says something like "See Mimi! See my shadow!?" Mimi taught him all about shadows last time she was here. He must think he has a direct line to her, that she can hear whatever he says to her whenever he says anything at all. So I told him we'd have to take a picture of our shadow and send it to her so she can see he remembers all the special things they do together. Love you and miss you, Mimi!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet is that...Yes...JoeJoe does have a direct line to his MiMi...he knows how much his MiMi loves him and how much fun we have when we are together...I cherish our time together...It is so hard being a long distance grandparent..but these sweet stories know he knows us and loves us and hugs MiMi