Friday, March 26, 2010

Handy Andy

Our little buddy Andrew turned 2 and had a construction themed party last Sunday. ( Hmmm, sounds familiar. But Andy wasn't able to come to ours in July, and I'm relieved I was finally able to pass on all those leftover party supplies.)

Joseph was able to dress the part by wearing his Tonka truck shirt (I'm gonna miss that - he'll definitely outgrow it soon), and was a big help with Andy's present.

They had a huge bounce house in their backyard :)
something we'd never be able to fit in ours :(
so we both took advantage and had a turn too ;)

Why is our kid obsessed with blowing out the candle?!?!? No one stands a chance when he's around. Probably shouldn't have sat him right next to it.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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Alisa said...

This is great! I get to read your blog and see the Chernacks too.