Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back in business!

Over the past week our computer system has been overhauled! We finally got our new Mac powerbook (and printer), and everything is finally installed, transferred, updated, and backed up. At least I think it is. I hope it is! So now I can get back to blogging.

There's plenty to fill you in on, but 1st and foremost is Brent's birthday, which was yesterday. We spent a great day together with Joseph and went to the aquarium in Baltimore. Then we surprised Papa with flowers, presents, and cupcakes - AND a babysitter, so we could go out for an upscale dinner alone.

We had to make sure Joseph got his own candle to blow out, or no one would ever get their wish.

Happy birthday, Brent!

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The Houston's said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Brent!!!
And yes, Carl, I do know who Styx is even though they were before my time! :)