Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aye, Matey!

Joseph's imagination is in full bloom. He just loves to play in his pirate ship. He sails to islands and endures many a storm at sea while hunting for treasure, and is up on all the lingo like "shiver me timbers" and "thar she blows!" But he's a polite pirate, and everyone is invited aboard (it's actually quite roomy in there). Missy and Jack were his guest pirates today.

Joseph and Jack don't actually need toys to have a good time:

Yet they still seem to take out every toy in the joint every time they play together. Someone needs to swab the deck when these 2 are done. Do they really need to turn the furniture upside down? But at least they have a good time.

And P.S. How cute is Will?! Getting so big! Can't believe there was a time Joseph ever fit in those shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Those boys are so cute together..I just love to hear them laugh...Missy looks great and the new baby brother as JoeJoe calls Wil is precious...love and hugs MiMi