Saturday, March 13, 2010

43 and 1/52

Did I mention it was my birthday a week ago? Blogging has been a challenge, since my computer's memory is full. Until I remedy that situation, I have to find something worth deleting each time before I upload any new pics or videos.

We traveled to Philadelphia for the weekend - more on that later. We went out for a great dinner at Smith and Wollensky, and my parents took the train over from Jersey to join us. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday I wound up with 3 cakes! The restaurant brought me a chocolate one.

Chocolate's not really my thing (gasp!), so I had to order a coconut one.

And when we got back home, Brent and Joseph had gotten me one of my favorites, a Carvel ice cream cake - what I asked for every year as a kid.

Joseph got to benefit from all these treats more than anyone else. He loves to blow out candles and stick his fingers in the icing.

While walking around the city on Sunday (the day I turned 43), we came upon a plaza filled with sculptures of giant game pieces. And wouldn't you know there was this humongous domino screaming out my age. Good thing age is only a number.

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Honey said...

Carl...Happy Belated Birthday. We have been traveling and it just stipped past me! I am glad you had many wonderful celebrations! You are so special and I am so glad you are part of our family!!!(whether you claim us or not!) much love, Susie